Frequenlty Asked Questions

Why should I hire F.f cinematography LLC?

We are unlike huge wedding video companies that handle 8-14 weddings a week and contract inexperienced, unknowledgeable and even unknown shooters. We are a micro company. The four of us handle a maximum of two weddings a weekend. We don't overcharge because we don't have a litany of employees! We don't have a huge overhead - we pass the savings on to you! Try finding 4K Ultra HD video drone coverage for such an affordable rate! I'll wait! If found, I'll price match.


they're Papa John's, we're Mom & Pops pizzeria.

In NYC we avoid chains, no?

What is cinematography and how is it different from videography?

Cinematography is a way to shoot and edit video that focuses on telling a story. It’s treating every digital frame of video as if it is physical celluloid film. It’s an art form that combines professional documentary-style and Hollywood movie-style filmmaking to create an aesthetically pleasing and entertaining film to showcase your wedding. Videography is merely capturing video to document an event and generally consists of one person, standing in the back shooting a long-form video without edits.

How long are your films?

We specialize in short form wedding films to create a keepsake that is long enough to highlight all of the most important details of your day but short enough to watch over and over again. Our cinematic-style Trailer and Feature Films come in increments of about 3 minutes, 10 minutes, 25 minutes and 45 minutes. These are approximate durations. We also offer Spotlight Edits of your ceremony, dances and toasts so you can watch those moments in entirety. These can be up to 2 hours depending on how much coverage time you purchased.

Can I make my own package?

Yes! All of our packages are base packages so you can pick and choose to add on whatever items you’d like. We offer tons of options including 4K Drone Coverage, hard copies and more!

What’s the difference between raw footage and a Spotlight Edit?

With HD cameras, true raw footage is a digital file folder of hundreds of separate video clip files. It’s not watchable, has no sound and you would need your own hard drive to even keep these large files. Since many couples do not own the computers and editing software needed to watch these files, we make a Spotlight Edit. We clean up the raw footage by cutting out camera adjustments or repetitive shots and edit it together so you can watch the most important parts of your day—your ceremony, dances and toasts—in full.

Why does raw footage cost money? Can’t you just give it to me since you’ll have it anyway? What if I supply a hard drive for you?

Although we completely understand where you are coming from, we are in the business of creating and selling footage. Raw footage has a value that goes further than the tangible device it’s stored on. We have staff, their time and our intelligential property to consider when pricing all of the products and services we offer.

How many cinematographers should I have?

This is one of those times when more is actually more. The more cinematographers you have, the more dynamic, breathtaking and emotional your film will be. Multiple shooters allow us to get stunning angles from the balcony, epic sweeping shots of the ballroom and different perspectives of life as they happen simultaneously, like the bride’s grand entrance and the groom’s reaction to her entrance. We recommend at least two cinematographers.

Will I have to wear a microphone?

We will mic the groom and the officiant for the ceremony and that will pick up the bride’s audio. We will also mic anyone giving a speech. If you have a DJ or there is a built-in sound system at the venue, we will also take audio from the mixer to have as a backup.

What should I budget for cinematography?

Your cinematography budget should be the same as your photography budget. It requires the same amount of work: two people working for 10 hours, running around to get the best angles and carrying heavy equipment. Then editing everything to give you a priceless family heirloom that you will cherish for the rest of your life. You definitely don’t want to cut costs on something you will keep forever!


Dates book up quickly so it’s important to book as soon as possible. All it takes to secure your date is a deposit and a signed contract or a $1000 retainer that you can apply to any package you choose later. Click here to get started!

Can we choose the music?

We welcome recommendations from our couples but unfortunately we cannot accommodate every request. We only use licensed music for two reasons. We purchase the rights to our wedding film music so the artists we love get the royalties they deserve. Secondly, we want to protect you and our company from copyright infringement. If the song you want is not available, we’ll look for music in similar styles and work with you to pick something you’re happy with.